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In Memory

A.C. Extarian

Thank You Line
12 April 2015
Eternal Gratitude

Note; This was originally posted on the 12th of April, 2015.


On the 8th of April, 2015 my roommate and friend lost her baby, plunging a family into shock and misery. Some of you organised to find a way to reach out and help.

The response received from those who chose to help was far more than ever expected. The funeral is covered, and so are all of the usual household expenses that people have to deal with in daily life for the next few weeks.

What you have done has not only helped the family to feel reassured that their child was important, and does not simply fade into nonexistance upon his passing, but it also allows the parents to spend the necessary time to cope with their grief without the stress of handling the costs involved when a family member passes away.

Thanks to your support the sound of children laughing in this house will return a little quicker, and one weight has been lifted from Shadow/Rhain's shoulders.

A.C. Extarian (Aff/David)

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