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A.C. Extarian

A.C. Extarian Line
Arcadian Storyverse
A.C. Extarian

Hi there - I'm glad you're at least looking at this page. This page lists all of our products for sale.

We apprieciate all of our customers, and always welcome feedback on our work.

Our work is available on Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. We prefer you purchase via Lulu, but encourage you to use the retailers you trust.

Note; due to some issues with our lives at present, we suggest you order from Lulu or Amazon. You can do so by searching for 'A.C. Extarian' or 'R.K. Modena' - we'll have this page back up and running as soon as possible.


R.K. Modena

Items & Collectables Line
Art & More

Want a cool mug to hold a hot drink? We've got you covered. Or perhaps you need a mousepad? Or a shirt? Or a quality art print? Go to the CafePress for clothes, mousepads, and other collectables, or DeviantArt for prints, mugs, and posters - all featuring art by R.K. Modena.

Bomb cutelildrow / deviantart
CafePress Store DeviantArt Store    


Seda's Diary

Aff's Diary Line
A.C. Extarian & R.K. Modena
Aff's Diary

Aff's Diary is a set of adventure-fantasy books that chronical the life of Aff, a Szari outcast in a world that fears her - but when all those with power starts down the path of corruption, she is the only one who refuses to comply.

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Sparrowwind Line
R.K. Modena

Sparrowwind is a short story released in 2014.

Sparrowind Overview:

Tiny Sparrowind can't hunt from the sky, cannot hope to best his siblings in contests of strength, and scrapes by to survive. But in the books stashed in his parents' hoard of gold and gems he finds a greater treasure: ideals.

Deciding to make his own way in life gives him more hope than he could have if he tried living only by the way of Dragonkind, but can this dreamer of a Dragon find his place in the world?
Sci Fi & Fantasy Lulu (eBook) | Amazon (eBook) | Barnes & Noble (eBook) | iTunes (eBook)
Lulu (Paperback)


Seda's Diary

Seda's Diary Line
Arcadian Storyverse
Seda's Diary

Seda's Diary is a fantasy-adventure following the lives of Priestess Seda and her band of outcasts as they attempt to outwit and evade a powerful Dynasty that wants them all dead. This is a spin-off from the Aff's Diary series, and takes place after the end of that storyline.

Seda's Diary

Seda's Diary X1:

Seda is a young, idealistic Tzaro healer in charge of taking care of the elderly in a Church-run community for the aged. All is well and right in her world - until the day she is assigned to a patient she is unable to treat like any of the other tenants in her care - an aged Szari woman.

Aware of all the atrocities that the Szari have perpetuated in the past, Seda cannot find it in herself to attend to this woman with the same kindness as her Human or Tzaro patients, but is determined to do her duty regardless.

Certain anomalies regarding the treatment of the Szari begin to surface as Seda finds herself challenged by her mysterious ward - who defies all her expectations. What Seda discovers will have her not only crossing the authority of the Church, but end Tzaro life as she knows it.

The choice she must make costs a high price and she isn't sure if it's worth bringing the truth to light...
Sci Fi & Fantasy Lulu (eBook) | Barnes & Noble (eBook) | iTunes (eBook)
Lulu (Paperback) | Amazon (Paperback)

Seda's Diary

Seda's Diary X2:

Seda finds herself exiled to the farthest reaches of the Dynasty for doing what she believed was her duty. Ordered to take charge of an old outpost, she expects little of herself or the men and women assigned to her command.

But the ruins hold many mysteries and secrets, and the band of misfits, old soldiers, outcasts and rejects of the Dynasty lead her to discover further crimes - and more victims of those in power. Determined to try make a better life for them, Seda brings the garrison together to improve their lot with their own hands - slowly earning the beginnings of their trust.

The corruption of the Dynasty is far greater than Seda anticipates, and soon the young Tzaro must decide which she will be a peaceful, law-abiding Healer, or the new leader of the garrison of NovaVita.
Sci Fi & Fantasy Lulu (Paperback) | Amazon (Paperback)

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