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A.C. Extarian

About Line
Aff's Diary
About This Site

This place serves as the primary online presence A.C. Extarian and R.K. Modena, and all of our related endeavours. Here you will find news, angry rants, links to published works, and a discussion forum.

We are gamers, artists, and computer enthusiasts. A.C. Extarian is a free software user, and R.K. Modena has strong political views.

Our posts may anger some people.

The site itself is designed to work across a wide range of devices.

It is valid HTML and CSS, so if you have a modern and decent browser it should work fine. Please check that before reporting issues. All modern browsers should support the standards. If you are having issues, you may want to consider trying the native browser for your platform.

- For Microsoft Windows users, this is Internet Explorer
- For Apple Mac users, this is Safari
- For users of GNU/Linux distributions, we recommend either Firefox or Iceweasel (Debian)

If you are having issues with a modern, up to date browser on a modern operating system, please let us know via [email protected] so that we can look into it.

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