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Affirmative !


Shadowdancer Studios Line
Thursday, September 29 2016
by Affirmative
Warning - Fake E-Mails Targeting Shadowdancer Studios Visitors

E-mails have been spotted in circulation that appear to be from aff or shadow -at-; these e-mails request personal information and promise a prize if that is updated on a profile which looks similar to Shadows wordpress.

These e-mails are fake, and they were not sent by us or our servers. If you inspect the source header, you can see they are from a Russian host.

The purpose of the data collection is not known, but it is highly recommended you do NOT reply, respond, or follow any links from within the e-mail. A sample of the e-mail is below:


From: [email protected] [[email protected]]

Hi there!

I've updated the look of my wordpress so all of the profiles were reset! There are now great benefits to having an up to date profile, so if you can please do that it would be great!

Each section of a profile gives points, and you can spend those points for discounts on PayPal purchases! Click directly here!

- Shadowdancer


This e-mail was NOT sent by Shadowdancer, and you should ignore it. The e-mails were NOT lifted from our web site - we have not had a security breach.

We're not sure where they got the e-mail addresses from, and not all of the people who have received the e-mail even use her wordpress (and not everyone that has used her wordpress has gotten the e-mail).

More information will be posted as I figure out what's going on.

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